A Time to Celebrate and a Time to Anticipate

Mary Anne Atkisson and Phyllis Conkle, Co-Presidents

There’s something about our group that inspires, something that captivates and something that activates. As we celebrate our successes, we must remember that they were not easy achievements but rather the result of hard work, cooperation, and vision.


With that in mind what is that elusive something? It’s a challenge certainly. As we end our two-year tenure as Guild Co-Presidents, we’ve tried to capture what creates this special “something.” As Guild members work together on projects, such as the “Be a Friend, Bring a Friend” Luncheon or the Spring Gala, a feeling of companionship, friendship and camaraderie is established. This feeling seems to carry over into all aspects of our membership creating a great circle of friends that feels more like family.


One of the most extraordinary things about Guild members has been their compassion and thoughtfulness, not only for Maryvale, but for each other. For example, when Mary Anne’s son was ill for several months Guild members, without exception, stepped in to help and cover most of her duties as Co-President. The level of consideration and care was unexpected but so appreciated.


Perhaps it’s all these attributes that make up the elusive “something!” If that’s the case, it’s certainly something in which we can take pride, because something very special happens here.


In this issue you will read about a change in our organization, as the “Junior” Guild was absorbed into the “Senior” division. We are also going to incorporate more stories about the Maryvale girls and how they are being helped by Maryvale through our donations and assistance.


As Co-Presidents, it’s been our job to think about the big picture over the long term. It’s been fulfilling to watch Guild members embrace that mindset as we all joined together to share in our common goals. What an honor it has been to be part of this organization and its vision. As your new Co-Presidents take office for next year, we’ll be able to anticipate a renewal and continuation of the Guild’s commitment to serve.


Phyllis Conkle and Mary Anne Atkisson