Co Presidents Mary Anne Atkisson and Phyllis Conkle

The New Fundraisers: Making a Difference


One of the most difficult things for a nonprofit, such as the LA Orphanage Guild, to undertake is fundraising. Nothing is more humbling than going out, hat in hand, and asking for donations. I’m sure every member of the Guild has experienced that feeling at one time or another. That being said, fewer experiences provide more satisfaction than organizing a successful event, especially events with such an important mission.


One thing is certain: membership support is one of the Guild’s greatest assets. It is what keeps us looking ahead and moving forward. And so it’s our pleasure to share with our readership the work being done and introduce some of the extraordinary members who work so hard for the Guild. As you read through this Newsletter, the accomplishments of these members will enlighten, if not astound you.


For instance, consider the members who make up the Junior Guild. They provide field trips for the children to different locations, monthly birthday parties and a variety of activities at Maryvale, plus a spectacular Christmas party with presents for each child. Many have been doing this for over 25 years, an achievement in itself.


The Chairs and Co-Chairs of this year’s “Be a Friend, Bring a Friend” Luncheon, one of our most successful events, work the entire year to make it happen. The results highlight the fun everyone has – not to mention that it raises money! They create an environment of friendship, camaraderie and holiday spirit that’s wonderful for all.


Another event, the Spring Gala, to be held at The Proud Bird, is our most ambitious project. This year’s theme, “On the Wings of Love,” is in keeping with the Guild’s mission statement and purpose. Again, planning an event such as this requires months of work. This event, and its Chairs, will be highlighted in the 2019 Spring/Summer issue of the Newsletter.


To our friends and members: thank you for taking this extraordinary journey with us.


Your support makes everything possible.

Mary Anne Atkisson and Phyllis Conkle