Stockings for Christmas

jg-christmas-stockingsSpreading Christmas Cheer

Thanks to the Junior Guild members, the young women of Maryvale also enjoy a festive Christmas party each year that ensures no one goes without during the holiday season. “Santa’s elves” work diligently to plan it and fill huge stockings with lots of wonderful gifts for the young women. These stockings are handed out during the luncheon that features a special visitor—Santa—as well as music and disco dancing! Each girl receives a Target gift card, Sketchers shoes of their choice, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, journals, hair care products, stylish watches, gloves, neck scarves, hats, plush animals and much more. For the past several years, Lee Lacy, a former Dodgers baseball player, has even attended to meet the young women and hand out autographed photos. This year’s Christmas party will be held on December 3rd! If you would like to attend or contribute to this event with Target gift cards or other items to fill this year’s stockings, please contact LAOG at [email protected].

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