New Beginnings

Nancy Lewis & Angela Siuta-Pechin, Co-Presidents


Dear LAOG Members and Friends,


Oh, what a year! The year 2020 certainly roared in many challenging ways!


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it was necessary to cancel our Roaring ‘20s Gala, so we never had the opportunity to “Sparkle Together.”


Shortly thereafter, Maryvale announced, after lengthy and heartfelt deliberations, the closing of its Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP) at the Rosemead campus, which had been the focus of LAOG’s support. Maryvale has provided residential services for the children of the Los Angeles area for over 165 years, and LAOG had been supporting their efforts for over 70 years.


Now it’s time for both LAOG and Maryvale to refocus their missions.


LAOG continues to support Maryvale as it works through its strategic planning process, with an emphasis on serving children and families in need.


Even though Maryvale has closed its residential program, the organization continues to provide necessary services through Early Education and Community “Wrap Around” programs.


The “Early Education Program” provides a subsidized pre-school for those families and a “Distant Learning Support Program” for older children to assist them with online classes and school work while their parents work. This is a much-needed service, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The “Community Wrap Around Program” provides mental health services and support to at-risk families, allowing the children to remain in a family setting, rather than a more restrictive alternative. LAOG has decided to continue 2 Nancy Lewis Guild Co-President Angela Siuta-Pechin Guild Co-President the presidents’ message 2 2020-2021 Provisionals supporting both programs to provide vulnerable families with our assistance during this transitional period. As a result of the changes at Maryvale, donations from our fundraising efforts originally allocated for the Short Term Residential Therapeutic Program have been given to help support these two other programs.


Also, LAOG recently released the 2017 Funded Item donation raised during our Safari Gala, intended to upgrade the Residential Care playground (put on hold due to campus construction) for the Early Childhood playground upgrade.


We are also pleased to announce that LAOG is able to donate $500,000 to Maryvale this fiscal year as a result of the generosity of long-time guild member, Jacqueline Bolton. This donation was bequeathed to us through trusts established long ago. We encourage you as you review your estate planning and if you are willing and able to set aside an amount, large or small, to do the same.


During challenging fundraising times such as these, Jackie’s generous gift has afforded us the opportunity to continue with our annual donation to Maryvale.


However, should you wish to make a donation now, please go to our website and click on our donation button. We are forever grateful to all our donors and hard-working members, as each of you continue to support LAOG and Maryvale through these challenging changes.


We pray that you and your loved ones are safe and stay well. Thank you, and all the best for a better year 2021!


Nancy Lewis and Angela Siuta-Pechin Co-Presidents